Advanced Remote Management - unterstützt von Intel® Active Management Technology und 42Gears UEM
04 Mar 2020

Personal computers have been contributing significantly to business productivity for decades. However, PC deployment, maintenance, and support have always been challenging. Analysts have often reported that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a single PC can be five times its original price due to maintenance costs, such as productivity loss due to downtime over the life of a given system. 

Intel vPro® Platform, however, can help businesses reduce the TCO. The Intel vPro® Platform is a highly reliable, flexible and secure platform with a hardware-based remote management technology called Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT).  Intel® AMT enables out-of-band management (OS at the machine/PC level need not be operational at the time of failure or maintenance for the IT/OT personnel to be able to perform repairs or upgrades) as long as power and network connections are present. This saves “truck roll” costs and other costs associated with performing onsite repairs at remote locations and reduces factory downtime.

Enabling the Intel® AMT feature requires three major components: the CPU, chipset, and the network card. Businesses need an Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor or an Intel® Xeon® processor, paired with the correct companion chip (chipset), network card, and firmware, to enable the Intel® AMT feature on the Intel vPro® platform. With Intel® AMT, IT or OT personnel can:
  • schedule system power-ups and shutdowns to run maintenance tasks/implement patches
  • restore a faulty machine and operating system without sending a technician
  • quarantine affected devices from the rest of the network remotely while conducting investigations, if interference or tampering is suspected


42Gears UEM and Intel® AMT
42Gears UEM, a robust, scalable and reliable endpoint management solution, has been helping IT pros across the world remotely monitor device health, install/uninstall apps, push app updates, decommission devices and do much more. Until now, 42Gears UEM was implementing an in-band management model (OS at the machine/PC level needs to be operational at the time of failure or maintenance for the IT/OT personnel to be able to perform repairs or upgrades) on various platforms. 42Gears has now partnered with Intel® to take remote management of computers to a completely new level by providing support for out-of-band management model.
42Gears UEM currently supports following Intel® AMT features:

Remote Power/Boot Control:
Remotely power on, wake, or reboot Intel® AMT-enabled devices with options to change the boot order.

Hardware Inventory:
Get hardware information (BIOS features, CPUs, memory, etc.)

Event/Audit Logs:
Create a configurable list of auditable Intel® AMT actions performed by users and admins. An optional auditor user can be enabled for additional audit features.

Full KVM Remote Control:
Now manage your devices as easily as you would were you sitting right in front of them, either over a wired or a wireless connection.

With hardware-assisted manageability and security, the Intel vPro® platform helps boost productivity, enhance information security, and improve IT efficiency. The benefits include:

No-touch means at least an 87.5 percent shorter mean time to resolution (MTTR), for significant cost savings.

Centralized management:
The web-based console makes remote troubleshooting easy. It also enables 24/7 support without requiring technicians on-site.

Headless systems help maintain security and remote management improves IT’s ability to address security concerns quickly.


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