Be Alerted About Your Credentials in The Dark Web with AlienApp
12 Sep 2019
The AlienApp™ for Dark Web Monitoring gives you an alert when your users' corporate credentials or the personal user credentials of your executives and privileged users are discovered on the dark web, so that you can take immediate action to prevent a breach.  
The AT&T Cybersecurity (ex-AlienVault) solution leverages SpyCloud technology to monitor the dark web to discover if your users’ credentials, such as email addresses, usernames, and passwords, have been stolen. If detected, USM Anywhere alerts you so that you can respond swiftly to the compromise, ahead of a breach. 
AlienApp helps you to: 
  • Protect against a breach with early detection of compromised user credentials 
  • Monitor the dark web for stolen corporate credentials of your users 
  • Safeguard the personal credentials of highly-targeted executives and privileged users 
  • Be alerted as soon as compromised user credentials are discovered on the dark web 
How It Works: 
  1. The AlienApp for Dark Web Monitoring is available to all USM Anywhere users out of the box, with no additional installation requirements. Simply enter your organization’s domain and up to ten additional personal email addresses. Once verified, monitoring starts automatically through SpyCloud. 
  2. SpyCloud uses human and machine intelligence to monitor public, private, and covert sources on the dark web, gathering threat intelligence and identifying user credentials that have been stolen. This data is collected within USM Anywhere through the AlienApp. 
  3. USM Anywhere generates alarms when the AlienApp detects your users’ personal or corporate credentials on the dark web, including information about the compromise and whether it is part of a publicly disclosed breach or from a private source. 
  4. If the credentials were obtained from an infected machine (e.g. with a keylogger), USM Anywhere generates an additional alarm, so that you can take corrective action. 
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