Threat Detection for G Suite with AlienApp
26 Jun 2019
AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) Anywhere is a highly extensible platform, that leverages AlienApps. The solution can be integrated with a third-party security and productivity tools, such as G Suite.
The AlienApp for G Suite extends USM Anywhere’s robust threat detection capabilities for Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms). USM Anywhere makes G Suite security and compliance monitoring fast and simple with visual dashboards, user-centric data views, and elastic search capabilities. With integrated threat intelligence specifically for G Suite, USM Anywhere allows you to start detecting threats immediately on Day One.
AlienApp for G Suite helps you to:
Monitor G Suite for Unauthorized User Access and Privilege Escalation
  • Be alerted to user and admin privilege escalation that could be a warning sign of an intrusion or insider threat
  • Track user login activities and identify anomalous login attempts by time and location
  • Detect brute force login attempts
  • Audit user activities at a glance with pre-built, interactive dashboards
Quickly Detect and Investigate Intrusions
  • Detect ransomware in your G Suite applications
  • Be alerted to changes to your G Suite security settings that increase risk exposure, like disabling two-factor authentication or enabling password recovery
Protect Sensitive Data Stored in Google Drive and Gmail
  • Monitor user activities in Google Drive; know when users access, edit, delete, or restore files
  • Be alerted when files are shared with entities outside the organization or with known malicious hosts
  • Know if someone tries to access historical data by restoring deleted files
Satisfy Your Security Monitoring and Orchestration Needs from a Single Pane of Glass
  • Achieve a unified view of your entire security posture from a single platform
  • Centralize security monitoring for all your critical IT infrastructure, in the cloud and on-premises
  • Leverage continuous threat intelligence updates from the AlienVault Labs Security Research Team
For more information on how it works, please, watch the video by the link.
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