ObserveIT Insider Threat Software

ObserveIT is the world’s leading Insider Threat Management solution. ObserveIT helps more than 1,200 enterprise-class customers detect insider threat and stop data loss. ObserveIT‘s award-winning Insider Threat Management software combines best-of-breed user monitoring, advanced behavioral analytics, and irrefutable visual forensics. ObserveIT’s agent-based approach installs in minutes and adds behavioral context not readily available in log files. ObserveIT is the most effective insider threat management solution to prioritize investigations, analyze user risk, and change the behavior of bad actors and unwitting users.

Official web site: www.observeit.com
Products and Solutions
Capture all user activity in every application, web page and system, regardless of how users gain access (RDP, SSH, Telnet,Citrix, direct console login, etc.). Field-level application monitoring allows you understand risk at an application field-level and detect abnormal usage.