WinMagic Inc. is a Canadian company based in Mississauga, Ontario, with more than 20-years focus on encryption helping to raise the bar for security and manageability for enterprises everywhere. 
WinMagic, as an award-winning innovation company in the data security market, has a global network of more than 2500+ customers across all industries, including some of the world’s most prestigious industry leaders. The company is constantly on the forefront of adapting to both current and future data threats, continuously innovating feature-rich and sophisticated solutions by taking advantage of the most advanced technologies provided by their strong alliances, technology partners, and integrated OEM partners.  
WinMagic believes the right thing is that sensitive data be encrypted at all times, except for the microseconds the data is being processed within the CPU. And, that this data should be available only to the end-user, authorized admins and the end recipient. This also applies when the data is in the cloud, running in environments controlled by the managed cloud service providers. WinMagic works diligently to apply its mission statement “Securing globally through High Standards and Strong Ethics”. 
WinMagic provides services to thousands of enterprise customers with its disk encryption product line, SecureDoc. The solution delivers a full disk encryption (FDE) layer that helps enterprises safeguard their laptop, desktop, server, virtual, and cloud environments. SecureDoc is trusted by thousands of enterprises and government organizations worldwide to minimize business risks, meet privacy and regulatory compliance requirements, while protecting valuable information assets against unauthorized access. 
BAKOTECH Group is an official WinMagic distributor in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.  
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WinMagic’s SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES) offers organizations total control over their data security environment, driving maximum security and transparency in regular workflow.