The New Enterprise Cloud Monitoring. Customer Story Series with Dynatrace
17 Oct 2018
The world’s largest businesses and services select nextgen monitoring platform from Dynatrace. Do you want to know why Citrix, Virgin Money, Beachbody & Mazda chose vendor’s technology to monitor their complex IT infrastructures? 
BAKOTECH Group and Dynatrace welcome you to watch 4 success stories available on demand and learn all the factors that have influenced their choice. See the metrics that proved them they were right to do so and listen to the multiple ways how software intelligence for the enterprise cloud delivers results. 
Key issues covered at the webinars: 
  • Citrix  
How Citrix drove a DevOps culture with Dynatrace and won big? 3x more productivity. 80% more visibility. 75% reduction in MTTR.  
  • Virgin Money  
4 ways Virgin Money were wowed by Dynatrace monitoring. How a simple proof of concept made the difference and how solution can deliver on its “bold” claims? 
  • Beachbody  
Why Beachbody built a Zero Dashboard Network Operations Center with Dynatrace? Previously, Beachbody was spending all their time building dashboards and building alerts. Now, they are analyzing patterns and understanding things that happen over time.  
  • Mazda  
What made Mazda choose Dynatrace? How did it compare to the “2nd-gen” monitoring tools Mazda had used in the past? Most importantly, what was the impact on IT and the rest of the business from Dynatrace next-gen monitoring? 
Don’t wait weeks to hear their stories. Get all 4 episodes of Dynatrace latest on-demand webinar series right here. 
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