BAKOTECH Starts Supplying Attunity Solutions for Data Integration and Data Replication
13 Oct 2019
BAKOTECH Group announces the beginning of cooperation with Attunity Ltd., a division of Qlik,  the developer of complex solutions to accelerate the integration and replication of heterogeneous databases, as well as distributing Attunity solutions to Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus, Baltics, and Kazakhstan.
Unlike traditional database replication solutions, Attunity offers Attunity Replicate, the universal platform for data integration. This solution specializes in replication of heterogeneous databases, repositories and Big Data platforms. This approach allows a company to speed up the process of data migration to cloud environments, to automate data export to analytical systems, to integrate heterogeneous environments at the level of data repositories, business applications, Big Data and analytical systems.
Attunity solutions also simplify the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process for data storage by automating manual and repetitive aspects of data warehouse design, development, data loading, deployment, and update processes (Attunity Compose), and monitor data integration processes (Attunity Enterprise Manager)
Key features of Attunity solutions:
  • Automation of the data uploading process to Data Lakes and data stores.
  • Data transformation both to traditional sources and to Kafka, Azure Event Hub, etc., and data change monitoring.
  • Automatic data preparation for loading to analytical systems, according to the customer needs, using self-service mechanisms.
  • Acceleration of the cloud data-migration process (Amazon, Azure)
  • SAP data availability for analytics
Such global companies as Ford, Pfizer, Philips, Mercedes-Benz have already chosen Attunity solutions. In addition, Attunity products have been recognized by Gartner Magic Quadrant as a Leader in the Challengers category among data integration solutions for 4 consecutive years.
“Along with the increasing interest of companies to modern Big Data and Machine Learning solutions, traditional systems and data stores are still in demand. That is why it is important to offer the market products that successfully integrate heterogeneous solutions, automate manual processes and minimize the need to write code. Introduction of Attunity as a new vendor to the BAKOTECH portfolio will allow companies to make informed decisions for business and provide improved services to their customers,” said Eugene Badakh, CEO of BAKOTECH Group.
“In addition to the main characteristics of the solution, namely ease of deployment, intuitive interface, the versatility of integration solutions (40+ systems), I would like to emphasize the leadership of Attunity in the field of systems migration to the cloud and multi-cloud environments. This function allows the companies to save significant amount of time and money. Attunity also enables customers to build flexible, integrated enterprise solutions. The vendor’s flexibility in licensing allows implementing both one-time migrations and long-term projects for the maintenance of critical business systems”, said Eugene Goncharenko, Head of Department in BAKOTECH Group.
“Enterprises of all sizes are looking to gain more value from their data, and a modern data integration strategy is crucial to automate and accelerate the access to data from any source for analysis and decision making,” said Itamar Ankorion, Managing Director, Data Integration for Qlik. “We are excited to have BAKOTECH helping to drive awareness and adoption of our solutions in these growing markets.”
Detailed company profiles: 
Attunity, a division of Qlik, is a leader in modern data integration enabling enterprises to employ DataOps for analytics to drive transformative insights for better business outcomes. Attunity’s Data Integration platform accelerates the discovery and availability of analytics-ready data by automating real-time data streaming, refinement, cataloging and publishing. Attunity empowers companies to lead with data, uncover revenue opportunities, improve customer services and further their overall data literacy.
Trusted by Fortune 1000 enterprises, Attunity provides software directly and indirectly through partners including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, SAP, Oracle, IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 
BAKOTECH is an international group of companies, a flagship in focused Value Added IT Distribution that represents solutions of leading IT vendors. Positioning itself as a True Value Added IT distributor BAKOTECH provides professional pre-sales, post-sales, marketing and technical support for partners and end-customers. Geographically the Group operates in 26 countries covering Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Baltic States, the Caucasus, Central Asia with offices in Prague, Krakow, Riga, Minsk, Kyiv, Baku and Nur-Sultan. 
If you have any questions about Attunity solutions, please feel free to contact us via email
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