Products and Solutions
Priviliged access management
Vendor: Quest Software
Access Manager controls user and group access to resources throughout the Windows enterprise and NAS devices in order to meet security and compliance requirements, control operational costs and optimize infrastructure performance. It intelligently suggests who should “own” which data resources, bringing accountability and visibility from a single console into resources that are actively used.
Vendor: One Identity
Dell One Password Manager automates, controls and secures the entire process of granting administrators the credentials necessary to perform their duties. Dell One Privileged Password Manager is deployed on a secure, hardened appliance.
Vendor: ObserveIT
Capture all user activity in every application, web page and system, regardless of how users gain access (RDP, SSH, Telnet,Citrix, direct console login, etc.). Field-level application monitoring allows you understand risk at an application field-level and detect abnormal usage.
Vendor: Quest Software
With Storage Maximizer for SharePoint, you’ll be able to optimize SharePoint performance and relieve the stress SharePoint data places on your SQL Server by storing the data more efficiently. Storage Maximizer enables you to automate the movement of selected SharePoint data to the locations you trust through SharePoint RBS (remote blob storage) or EBS (external blob storage).