Was ist die TISAX-Konformität (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange)?
25 Feb 2020
The challenge of DLP and its importance for data security has triggered the creation of new methods and systems for enterprises to employ.

The folks that put together TISAX were certainly on to something.
So what is TISAX?
TISAX stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange. It is an inter-company test and exchange mechanism based on the Information Security Assessment compiled by the German Association of the Automobile Industry, or VDA to use its German acronym. The Security Assessment is a catalog of criteria pulled from internationally recognized standards on information security.
So How Does it Work?
The TISAX system recognizes assessment results among participants by giving each one a security accreditation. If a company wants to evaluate the information security of their suppliers or other partners, TISAX can give some very helpful support by showing them exactly how they rank in terms of best practices use.
Mega companies from Google to Alibaba have used TISAX to rate their platforms. These corporations know that TISAX ratings will give their customers confidence in the secureness of their cloud storage and safety of their information sharing techniques.
In this way, TISAX has improved the way the market functions by creating competition among providers but it also recognizes the combination of test results between participants.
Achieving the Best Accreditation with the Best DLP
The popularity of TISAX is just the latest example of how the business world is now, more than ever, valuing credentials in the area of DLP security.
The more data (and the more sensitive that data is) an organization has, the harder it is to achieve these levels of compliance.
Only the highest standards in a DLP program can give an enterprise the security ratings that will earn customer confidence.
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