TNT Express Ukraine Chose DeviceLock for Confidential Data Leak Prevention
TNT Express Ukraine Chose DeviceLock for Confidential Data Leak Prevention

In order to obtain control over the access to the confidential data of the company and to prevent data leaks, TNT Express Ukraine has implemented DeviceLock software product.

According to Ihor Tolmachov, Head of the IT Department at TNT Express Ukraine, the need for DeviceLock arose due to the company’s operations in a highly competitive market, where a leak of confidential data may inflict a lot of damage on the company. “Surprisingly, a large portion of flaws in the information security of the company was caused by insider activities, instead of hacker attacks or malware. Our task was to establish control over the information flow within the company,” said Ihor Tolmachov.

Making their choice among products that would perform this task in the infrastructure of 350 workstations and over 40 servers and routers, the management decided on DeviceLock, picking it from among the competing solutions for its simplicity and efficiency. The implementation of DeviceLock gave the IT department full control over the devices connected to workstations, the way these devices are used, and what information is copied to them.  Special emphasis was made on the shadowing of data copied to external media, which gave the administrator full awareness of the specific documents undergoing certain operations. The deployment and implementation process was also quite simple, partly due to the professional technical assistance from SPro, Ltd., a certified DeviceLock dealer in Ukraine.

TNT Express is the leader in express delivery of corporate cargo and correspondence.  The Ukrainian branch of the company has over 700 employees in 20 regional offices. TNT Express Ukraine operates in over 140 cities, performing around 10,000 transactions per week.

DeviceLock is a system controlling and logging the users’ access to input/output devices and ports. DeviceLock provides control over the whole range of potentially dangerous devices: USB ports, CD/DVD drives, FireWire, infrared, parallel, and serial ports, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters, tape storage devices, PDAs, any internal or external removable media and hard drives. DeviceLock carries out detailed audit and shadowing when users access the abovementioned input/output devices and ports, including local PDA and smartphone synchronization; it also monitors the users’ access to printers. 

Note that BAKOTECH is an official distributor of DeviceLock in Ukraine.


About DeviceLock

DeviceLock 7 DLP Suite is a DLP solution for confidential data protection. It provides control over the data transferred by users through local input/output ports, network communication channels (IM, social networks, Web Mail), and allows for context analysis of the data being transferred.

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